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If you are looking for exceptional quality CCTV and electronic security at the very lowest prices, plus all the easy-to-follow instructions and phone support you need to get the job done, then DIY Security Supplies is definitely here for you. People from all walks of life come to us seeking advice concerning security and it's our pleasure to share our decades of experience. Yep - we have AMAZING equipment at great prices! But our “job” is to provide you with excellent customer service and great easy-to-understand information. And, above all, the perfect electronic security system that matches exactly what you DO need and nothing that you don't.

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What Is The Ultimate DIY CCTV Security Camera System?

OK, straight to the crunch🙂!! After many, many years of practical hands-on experience we are more than happy to testify that the ULTIMATE indoor, outdoor, or combined security camera system for your home or business is a combination of Hikvision AcuSense and ColorVu CCTV cameras matched up with a Hikvision I-Series Network Video Recorder. If you are seriously looking for a low-cost professional surveillance system in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia we highly recommend starting with these Hikvision CCTV systems. They are considered the very best price IP CCTV packages for any home or business, and they are the highest quality IP CCTV systems without a doubt. DIY Security Supplies stays up to date with the latest technology and we test every product before it makes it into our online store. This security system can contact you 24/7 if a human or a vehicle is in the wrong place like your front yard, your front door, or your driveway. False alerts are 99% eliminated by these incredibly intelligent CCTV packages.

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Let Us Design Your Ideal CCTV System For You

The best DIY CCTV system design starts with a professional Hikvision I-Series CCTV Network Video Recorder (NVR) that will not limit you if you decide to add extra CCTV cameras which is common. We can also supply all the cables you need cheaply for your Hikvision DIY outdoor, indoor or combined, CCTV package and it’s generally simple to run our custom-made Krone CAT6 cable from the cameras back to the NVR. People do this themselves using our DIY tutorial. However, a cabling person in your local area can also do this for you easily. Having at least one Hikvision AcuSense camera and one Hikvision ColorVu camera at the front of your property is HIGHLY recommended. We also suggest a CCTV camera on each entrance to your property. This is a common setup for most Australian homes which is why our #1 kit is the Hikvision 8-CH packages. This is the most versatile and useful DIY IP camera system we have and is a formidable defence for your home or business. No matter where you are in the world, your audio and video CCTV security can now communicate with you no matter what. You can communicate with the individual at your property through AcuSense cameras with its amazing two-way audio capabilities. Powerful, intelligent, and affordable security is here right now. For a free quote on these low-cost Hikvision DIY IP camera systems and any other home security kits in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and especially rural Australia please click below.

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